“I believe that fairy tales, old and new, can help to educate the mind.”

Gianni Rodari


“I believe that fairy tales, old and new, can help to educate the mind.”

Gianni Rodari

Family in Tale

About us

Educating. The most difficult challenge for every parent. Because if it was just teaching how to say “thank you”, not chew with your mouth open, or brush your teeth before you go to bed, it would be easy. But real education has to do with something else. For example, sharing emotions. And here comes Family in Tale into play.

The bedtime story is an ancient tradition that serves precisely this. It is the rite of closing a day, which often has seen us far away. But above all it is a moment of deep contact. Through fairy tales we help our children discover new emotions, overcome ancient fears and distinguish good from evil. Our voice guides them and accompanies them on the most beautiful journey that can be done together: the one in the imagination.

As we recount the adventures of Snow White or Thumbelina, we relive our childhood: we remember what it means to be afraid of the dark, believe in fairies or desire to discover an island that is not there.

Of course, our kids today benefit from supports that can make this experience even more compelling. Tablets and phones give life and colors to fantastic stories in every situation. But there is one device that still remains unique: a book.

There is no movie or special effect that will ever overcome the emotion of a fairy tale read by a person who loves you.

There is no means of communication that can hold different generations together.

Between the reader and the listener, a unique and special pact of trust is created. A story is told and love is transmitted. Together we build the memory of that enchanted and magical time of childhood. The only time in our life when everything is really possible: cats can talk and brave children can defeat dragons.

Family in Tale wants to put at the service of families the infinite possibilities that technology gives us today. We want to relive with our children the deepest emotions.

And we want to use it to give every child the dream that every fairy tale holds: to become the protagonist of a unique and important story.

Family in Tale - Personalized Books

There are avatars for young and old, customizable with your own names and nicknames. Sixteen characters and different stories in English but also in Italian, French, Spanish and German coming up.

Discover now the ones dedicated to Taste and to Sight.

Our fairy tales are written by experts and designed to best represent the everyday life that modern-day kids face every day: their needs, their fears, the fantasies that change throughout history, just as it should. No mother today would tell a three-year-old girl to cross a forest alone to go and bring food to her grandmother, but new challenges await the little ones and their parents too.

And new dangers: wolves have turned into keyboard warriors and social networks hide more dangers than a gingerbread house.

Fairy tales, once again, reveal the best tool to protect our children and help them understand how to fight monsters and win.

Modern and personalized Fairy Tales

In the books of Family in Tale you can read modern fairy tales, in line with a new sensitivity, in which gender differences no longer ghettoize girls to the simple role of future brides, and courage becomes a value and a lesson, not a test of strength.

We designed Family in Tale stories to educate the mind and the heart. We want t grow a more aware and conscious future generation, in which parents are active and not distant authorities.

The illustrations are handmade. That’s because the beauty of a unique and personal graphic sign hides a valuable teaching: it educates the gaze, teaches to recognize talent and inspires one’s own.

The print is also handmade and you can further customize each volume. Write a dedication and choose a cover!

It is a gift that does not fear trends. There’s never going to be a day when a book is no longer available because the operating system doesn’t support it. It is a gift that will last and stay with them for a long time.

Our real and precious operating system is the family, an integrated network of relationships, memory, love and past. All of this defines the future of every child.

Family in Tale - Personalized books of fairy tales